Incognito Hidden Braces In Rio de Janeiro

By Nathan M. Walters, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Incognito Hidden Braces is one of the latest treatments in orthodontics, and the new system relies on gold for the perfect balance of strength and malleability.  The groundbreaking system is now being offered by Ipanema-based orthodontist Dr. Gustavo Bastos to create beautiful smiles in Rio.

Dr. Bastos is actually the only specialist in the state of Rio qualified to offer the Incognito Hidden Braces from 3M.  The system, which uses gold customized brackets placed on the backside of the teeth (lingual braces), is the most recent development in creating perfect smiles without the risk of social embarrassment.

Gustavo Bastos Odontologia e aparelho lingual

“The Incognito Hidden Braces system is the most advanced method on the market,” says Dr. Bastos.  “Invisalign has been a great success since being introduced in Brazil six years ago, but now Incognito Hidden Braces are the optimal solution for patients that want a brilliant smile without interference in their social lives.”

Though Bastos will continue to offer the Invisalign service, he is convinced Incognito Hidden Braces are the future of cosmetic dentistry.  At a price range similar to that of Invisalign, the Incognito Hidden Braces system utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver custom solutions to the discerning client.

Basto’s clinic has long been focused on utilizing technological advances to deliver cosmetic perfection to its clientele.  For Dr. Bastos, Incognito Hidden Braces are the next step in the progression of technology’s advancement of the profession.

Dr. Bastos explains that the greatest benefit of the Incognito Hidden Braces system is the customization made possible by technology and application of gold alloy.

“With the Incognito Hidden Braces system we make a virtual model of the patient’s teeth and create a virtual progression of what the dental structure will be after treatment.  This information is sent to Germany were customized gold alloy brackets are modeled, then we apply the brackets here and manage ongoing treatment.”

incognito hidden braces

Dr. Bastos has always maintained an interest in developments in orthodontics that are happening both within Brazil and internationally.  His office reflects his international personal and professional outlook, a perspective that benefit’s clients interested in the most-advance cosmetic dentistry methods in the world.

One of the significant advantages of the Incognito Hidden Braces system is the convenience in ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment.  With Invisalign, wearers put in and take out and invisible mouthpiece, leading to a routine that might potentially add another concern to the busy lives of Dr. Bastos’ clients.

With Incognito Hidden Braces there is not additional responsibility.  Once the brackets have been attached there is no need to deal with them on a daily basis.  “They are the most efficient lingual braces on the market, bar none.”

Providing convenient custom solutions to his clients is what separates Dr. Bastos from others in Rio.  Keeping up with technological developments, such as his exclusive specialization in the Incognito Hidden Braces, continues to draw both Carioca and international patients focused on obtaining the best results possible from one of the city’s well-respected dental professionals.

“There is has already been a lot of interest in Incognito Hidden Braces.  Being able to offer these types of solutions to our clients is my main focus,” Dr. Bastos mentions.  “We are always looking for the best ways to create beautiful smiles.”