Science, art and technology in all phases of the treatments we offer


    A thorough clinical exam is performed on the first consultation through a digital scan and teeth photography. We will ask for X-rays whenever necessary. The teeth health, functionality, and aesthetics will be evaluated. We will clarify all the questions regarding the treatments and their steps. After the treatment, keeping up with dental visits is essential to maintaining a beautiful smile.


    The invisible aligners can reposition the teeth using trays created for each patient individually, which offers greater discretion. They are easy to use and are removable, allowing for better mouth hygiene and more comfort during meals. However, fixed braces remain an essential alternative to correct the positioning of the teeth, from simple to complex cases. The brackets are smaller and more discreet.


    Ceramic laminated – or veneers for teeth – are thin and modern restorations aiming to perfect the teeth’ form, position, and color. The lenses are created after computer simulations and clinical rehearsals to harmonize the smile with the patient’s features. It is an evolution of the Aesthetical Odontology, as it operates whenever there is minimal damage to the teeth. The veneers are very resistant and allow for a fast and natural result. The veneers are great alternatives for immediate aesthetics and practical interventions.


    Whitening is usually a fast procedure that brings excellent aesthetic results to the patient. The ingestion of food and beverages with dyeing agents or the natural aging of the teeth makes those darker over time. Whitening aims to promote the bleaching of dental structures and can be achieved at the dentist’s office or the patient’s home, but always with professional supervision.


    During childhood, we acquire the habit of caring for our mouth health. Pediatric Dentistry is constantly evolving in its treatments. However, there is a consensus that prevention is what parents can better give their children. Children can have beautiful, strong, healthy teeth following suitable orientations and examples. When discussing prevention, we must remember that odontological evaluation during childhood is necessary as it allows early identification of any deviation of the teeth formation and in the bone’s growth.


    When several teeth are lost, health and function become a priority. Oral rehabilitation may involve many dental specialties, such as root canal treatment, implants, orthodontics, and prosthetics. To be successful, it is essential to make a careful diagnosis and plan for each case. Our multidisciplinary team has much experience in this area and has obtained excellent results.